Fingerprint Lock Trolley Case

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About This Item:

  • Convenient and safe, this digital locker can store 15 fingerprints and unlock the lock instead of the keys that are easy to forget and lose.
  • Waterproof, the electronic lock is made of aluminum alloy, and the locking beam is made of stainless steel, which has excellent cut resistance.
  • The weatherproof electronic lock with IP65 protection is waterproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Long standby time, rechargeable battery, 150 mAh can be used for 3 months standby, can be unlocked about 1000 times.
  • Can be widely used in home / office doors / doors gym / cabinet / travel bag / fence / bicycle door. and many more
  • Easily connect to mobile apps via Bluetooth. In addition to fingerprint unlocking, you can open the lock via APPLICATION when your Bluetooth phone is turned on.



 Unlock Way  Fingerprint/Bluetooth APP  Battery  3.7V 300mAh
 Charge Voltage  5V 130mAh  Charge Port  Android Micro USB
 Waterproof  IP65  Standby  One Month
 Continually working  1000 times  Fingerprint Capacity  16pcs
 Waterproof  IP65  Support OS  IOS, Android 4.3 above
 Size  78*50*23mm  Net weight  105g


Package included:

1*Bluetooth Fingerprint Lock

1*Charge Cable

fingerprint padlock-6 (2)




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