External Chamfering Device

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  • Safe & Efficient - Deburring external chamfering tools can quickly repair damaged bolts, easily remove external burrs and tighten nuts. It replaces the traditional method of grinding bolts with a file, which does not hurt your hands and does not produce sparks.
  • Convenient for use - This deburring external chamfer tool is achieved by cutting metal layer by layer, the operation is very simple, just apply the chamfering tool on the drill bit, and then gently apply pressure at the lowest speed to remove burrs, which simplifies the operation and maintenance process does not need to replace expensive or difficult to find fasteners, thus saving you time and money.

  • Wide range of applications - Multi-functional deburring drills, suitable for stainless steel, hardened steel, mild steel, copper, brass, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, plastic, etc., whether or not threaded. Fits size(approx.):5/16-32 bolts (.164) up to 3/4″-10 (.750) - (8mm -19mm). Especially when dealing with non-removable bolts, I guarantee that this is your good helper.
  • Made of high-speed steel - This stainless steel deburring tool is made of high-quality hard alloy, which has high strength, high hardness, and corrosion resistance, and can be reused.


  • Product features: remove burrs without hurting hands
  • Product weight: 28g
  • Matching: suitable for all kinds of chuck electric drills
  • Product advantages: can be polished with or without threads

Packing list :
Deburring external chamfering device*1

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