Electroplated Water Gun Set With Telescopic Hose

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  • Practicality and Durability Innovative: Our Garden Hose perfectly solve the leak /break problems of plastic connectors; the hose pipe is lightweight flexible and easier manoeuvring this hosepipe around the garden, it goes way beyond compared to traditional hosepipe.
  • Retractable: After opening the water pipe, the hose will quickly expand length under the action of water pressure and return to its original length within a few minutes.

  • Durable-Hard non-kinked rubber inside, these hoses will not leak and are suitable for high pressure and low pressure water systems.
  • Space saving: When the hose is empty, it shrinks, which means you can store it in a smaller space to keep it neat.
  • Multi-function: equipped with water gun head, which can be used for watering flowers, car washing, wall washing, window washing, floor washing.


  • Tip Material: Pure Copper
  • Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy Plating
  • Spraying Distance: 10-15 (M)
  • Scope Of Application: Car Washing, Floor Scrubbing, Bottom Flushing
  • Water Pressure, Tap Water Pressure
  • Dimensions: 30*15cm
  • Length: 30 (M)
  • Single Product Weight: 0.225 (Kg)
  • Water Gun Spray Type: Direct Spray Fan
  • Size: 30*15cm
  • A :L2 Water Gun + Upgrade 7.5m "2.5m Before Water Injection".
  • B:L2 Water Gun + Upgrade 15m "5m Before Water Injection".
  • C:L2 Water Gun + Upgrade 22.5m "7.5m Before Water Injection".
  • D:L2 Water Gun + Upgrade 30 Meters "10 Meters Before Water Injection".

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