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About This Item:

  • The riveting gun adapter is more labor-saving than manual and more convenient than pneumatic.
  • Three – jaw clamps, strong bite is not easy nail. Durable and longer service life.
  • Alloy steel forging gun head high hardness, durability, saving time and effort.
  • High hardness hexagon joint bar, stable clamping, can be used in lithium electric drill, torsion drill, handgun drill, etc.

  • Hold the handle vertically, without effort.
  • The fuselage changes from thin to thick shape, the air resistance is small.
  • Plug and play, easy to operate.
  • The nozzle can be fixed on the wrench, easy to carry, not easy to lose.
  • Univeral drill attachment to easily apply nut rivet Inserts to various materials.
  • Suitable for aluminium, steel and stainless steel nut rivet Insert applications.
  • Ideal for vehicle restoration, vehicle storage/rack installation, aeronautical and marine applications etc.

Installation tutorial:

  • Adjust the electric drill to the right gear, open the drill chuck and insert the conversion connector.
  • Pull the riveter head to connect the drill, turn the clamp head forward, and make sure that the clamp is locked.
  • Turn it on and turn it on until the riveter head makes a “click-click” sound.
  • Turn on the electric drill, align the hole and drive the rivets.
  • Turn on the electric drill to turn off the rivets.

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