Electric Heat Massage Ball Device

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About This Item:

  • Far infrared heat compress, electric massage, passive finger rehabilitation training ball, both left and right hands can be used.
  • Time control, safe and secure, high-frequency vibration massage of the movement, free control of 3 modes, intensity and time.
  • Comfortable hand feeling, stimulating hands, raised massage head design, medical rubber massage ball, comfortable hand feeling.
  • The wrist strap, the diving fabric feels delicate, soft and elastic. Insulation, ventilation, and firm fixation.
  • The heating is faster, the effect is better, the far-infrared heat compress function, the high and low heating modes are free to choose.


  • Sphere Material: Silicone material
  • Power: 25-45w
  • Input Voltage: 110 v - 240 v
  • Output Voltage: AC12V
  • Controller Line Length: 80cm
  • Transformer Cable Length: 160cm
  • Massage Mode: Vibration massage
  • Pattern Classification: Manual and automatic
  • Time Setting: 10.20.30 minutes
  • Fomentation Temperature: Maximum 58 degrees Celsius
  • Far-infrared Wavelength: 1500-14000 nanometer
  • Sphere Size: About 7.5cm diameter
  • Sphere Weight: 0.15kg

Package Included:

  • 1 x Massage Device

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