Egg Cracker and Separator

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About This Item:

  • Egg Cracker and separator is a creative designed egg cracker and egg separator. Just hold the egg and open the egg easily without falling off the shell.

  • CONVENIENT TO USE: Egg Cracker saves tedious steps. It can quickly open fresh eggs and eliminate shell fragments into food. This Cracker is a great assistant in your kitchen.
  • EFFECTIVE METHOD: Simply Put the egg in the middle and squeeze it to break the egg from the shell and release it immediately. This Cracker is another accessory that can separate the egg white and the egg yolk.
  • SAFE MATERIAL: Sturdy plastic structure made from Top quality Food Grade Plastic; space-saving design, compact storage space. Use it to create delicious food.
  • Ingenious Design: Convenient handheld function sturdy structure and comfortable curved plastic integrated design spacesaving compact storage design beautiful and practical.
  • The egg cracker is nontoxic odorless BPA free food grade accessible.
  • Quail Egg Poached Egg opener : Perfect for All Size Eggs also used on raw hard boiled egg or raw eggs for baking egg cooker


  • Material: Silicone + ABS + Metal
  • Weight: 130g-200g
  • Packing: carton
  • Product size: 23 * 6 * 8cm
  • Packing size: 24 * 7 * 12cm

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