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  • Our day-to-day lives can cause us to build up tons of tension throughout our bodies.
  • Over time, this tension builds up and can cause serious discomfort, it's incredibly unhealthy to live with these sensations.
  • That's why we have this best back massager that can massage your back just like fingers!


  • Our Dr. Scraping gua sha massage machine can effectively relieve symptoms such as brain fatigue, insomnia, dreaminess, dizziness, headache, and more!
  • This scraping massage gently scrapes along the surface of your back areas where tension, scar tissue, adhesions or other types of congestion exist in order to remove restrictions of circulatory flow in the area.
  • Contrary to cupping, which creates reverse-pressure by suction, our gua sha tools can clear stagnation and assist flow from the top down. The electric back massager improves sleep quality and helps you combat fatigue and feel more energized all day.


  • Constant temperature heating of the electric massager can deeply relax your stressed muscles and also increase blood flow and circulation. The touch switch and non-slip handle design of this personal massager make it easy to operate.
  • Small and portable massager, you can use it anytime and anywhere you go!
  • It is recommended to use a 2A or more power supply to connect the USB cable (808 charging models do not need to connect to the power supply)
  • Press the center switch key to turn on the power, 800 models without switch key, directly plug in to turn on
  • 802 models are opened in 1 gear, 804, 806, 808 models have 6 gears to control, scraping first use 1 gear
  • Try to scrape, and then adjust the appropriate gear according to personal circumstances, cupping can directly open 6 gears,
  • Suck the skin where the cupping is needed, stay for 3 to 5 minutes and just pull it out
  • Before scraping, apply an appropriate amount of essential oil to the skin that needs to be scraped and massage for 2 minutes
  • Allow the skin to fully absorb the essence of essential oils, lubricate and nourish the skin, then wipe with the instrument,
  • It is not advisable to add more essential oils. Too much essential oils are easily sucked into the internal pump body, causing the pump body to slip
  • Reduce or disappear the suction, so it is very important to change the filter cotton with less oil
  • There is no need to add essential oil for cupping (806 models are recommended to use more than 2A power supply)
  • The method of scraping is generally to suck the skin and pull it slowly from top to bottom, repeating it many times to get out the scrape
  • The 806 models and 808 models have heating function, which can warm the palace and protect the stomach.

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