DIY LED Ocean Dollhouse

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  • The cabin is like a miniature version of the real house, so cute!
  • The material of the small house is like a real house, for example, the cabinet is made of wood, the curtain head is made of cloth, and the book is made of paper!
  • Fully exercise your hands-on ability, almost all landscapes require you to do it yourself! The production process is very interesting!
  • The items are accompanied by accessories, including all the furniture shown, must be assembled.
  • No glue/tools/battery/music box, music box cannot be put in ocean room.
  • Craft tools needed: paper cutting, knives, hole punches, precision tweezers, screwdrivers, glue.
  • Instructions: Color instructions are included in the package


  • Material: wood
  • Product Category: Toys
  • Size: 18*16*14.5CM
  • Whether electric: No
  • Whether it is multifunctional: No
  • Packing method: color box
  • Whether to assemble: yes
  • 3C configuration category: Toys over 14 years old
  • Style: TW38 Deep Sea Secret Language-English Version

Packing list:

1. The accessories included with the item, including all displayed furniture, must be assembled.
2. Does not include glue/tools/battery/music box. Music boxes cannot be placed in ocean rooms.
Hand tools required: paper cutting, knife, hole punch, precision tweezers, screwdriver, glue.
4. Instructions for use: Color instructions are included in the package.

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