Diamond Chainsaw Sharpener Drill

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  • The sharpening head of the electric saw sharpener is easy to install and has good heat dissipation. It can be applied to the polishing agent without removing the chain, thereby improving work efficiency.
  • Includes twelve replacement dressing stones
  • Use with electric sure sharp handheld grinder to easily sharpen your saw chain
  • The latest, hardest titanium-plated Diamond Wheels we'e ever made, adopted titanium plating process, which means you will enjoy 20% longer lifetime of these bits than others non-titanium-plated.
  • These stones leave an excellent cutting edge on saw chain and are easily replaced on most electric chain sharpeners Carded
  • Ideal for sharpening chain saw teeth


  • Model: Diamond chainsaw abrasive
  • Material: Coated titanium emery
  • Size: Reinforced emery [4.0×6] Reinforced emery [4.8×6] Reinforced emery [5.5×6], Reinforced emery

Packing list:
Titanium grinding head6pcs*1set 

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