Covered Disposable Sofa Cushion Patch

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About This Item:

Our leather is adhesive patches fabric with a smooth texture, designed and synthesized by professional craftsman that close to true leather and able to completely repair leather fabric. choose the material benefits, but also for your treasured possession to choose the things you love the opportunity to accompany you longer.
Leather Repair Patch Home trillionwish #1 Milky White

Super Sticky & Waterproof

Leather Repair Patch Home trillionwish

Self-Adhesive Repair!


  • Material: PVC leather
  • Size: fixed width 1.37 meters
  • Product Thickness: 0.5 mm
  • Features: strong, wear-resistant, waterproof, soft, sculpted, leathery
  • Product use: leather bags, soft bags, sofas, car cushions, handicrafts, various DIY, etc.

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