Children's Electric Waterproof U-Shaped Toothbrush

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About This Item:

  • Now you're able to brush your teeth in a fully automatic process, in just 30 seconds with this automatic toothbrush. You simply insert your mouthpiece, press a button and you're done.
  • The U-White Toothbrush brushes all your teeth at the same time and automatically. Evenings and mornings - so you can sleep a little longer.
  • light and small, mini body, lighter than eggs, baby can hold with one hand Efficient cleaning: sonic clean teeth, micro-vibration protects the gums, children's mouth is delicate, bears sonic toothbrush has a special 24,000 rpm frequency, which uses sound waves to drive water to clean the teeth without damaging the gums and at the same time cleaning the gaps between the teeth.
  • Deep cleaning: Cleans and brightens teeth. More professional: focus on children's oral health and care for children's young teeth, more suitable for children's vibration frequency, just bite, brushing is as simple as chewing gum, customized development for children's mouth.


  • Power supply mode: USB
  • Control method: push-button
  • Maximum power: 3W
  • Applicable people: children
  • Electric toothbrush type: sonic

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