Cat Comb To Remove Floating Hair

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  • Unlike the hair removal comb with sharp teeth, this dog grooming comb has short, thin teeth that can cut tangles and effectively remove loose hair, dander and dirt stuck underneath.
  • Brush the undercoat which is easy to die frequently. Massage the skin to ensure better blood circulation and promote healthy and shiny fur.
  • The soft ergonomic non-slip handle makes regular combing easy and easy.
    With this brush, we cover all types of cat hair, including short, medium or long hair. This cat brush will take care of it like a professional.
  • Pet hair removal brush. Specially designed for pets.
  • There are 256 fine needles on the comb, which can comb out 90% of hair loss. The end of the comb is protected and will not harm your pet's skin.
  • Suitable for all long-haired, short-haired dogs, cats, etc. in the greenhouse.


  • Material: High quality ABS+stainless steel
  • Color: Pink, Green, Gray
  • Size: 193*77*49mm

Packing list:
Pet hair removal brush*1

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