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About This Item:

  • Features: Restores your old windscreen wipers to work as new. Used to refurbished the wiper blade, it can be used many times.
  • Easy to use: No more streaking, squeaking & creaking wipers. No need to disassemble wipers can be repaired.
  • Effect: Extends the lifetime of your wipers.
  • Universal: Reusable & fits most types. The car wiper blade repair tool is universal for all cars. Works with most blades. 
  • This wiper restorer removes unwanted debris from the wiper blades and uses scientifically engineered microcrystals to smooth away the rough edges that cause streaking.
  • Simply slide the Wiper Restorer along your wiper blade and wipe away any remaining grit or debris.
  • The result is reconditioned windscreen wiper blades that will last much longer.


  • Material: ABS, copper, stainless steel
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 85*37*22 (mm)
  • Scope of application:  Various car wiper strips to extend the life of wiper blades

Packing list:
Wiper repairer*1

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