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GPS Car Digital Inclinometer is a multifunctional instrument with in-built multi-axis gyroscope and GPS system, which can measure the slope and inclination, the degree of downhill and uphill of off-road vehicles. It also provides vehicle speed, altitude and vehicle driving direction, and has high- precision satellite real-time clock function.

Easy to Operate and Install

Step 1: Plug the cigarette lighter to the car.

Step 2: Hide the power cord in the seam inside the car if necessary.

Step 3:Plug the power connector to the AUTOOL X95 GPS Car Digital Inclinometer .


It supports vehicle inclination, pitch angle, longitude and latitude coordinates, satellite positioning, altitude, speed display, supply voltage, time display, driving distance, over speed alarm and etc.

Color HUD Display& Light Sensor

AUTOOL X95 GPS Car Digital Inclinometer uses a color high-definition screen, the picture is stronger and clearer. Adjust the brightness of the screen by using the sensitivity of the light sensor which will improve visibility greatly.

Alarm System & GPS Module

When vehicle pitch angle or tilt angle is over 40 degree the alarm alerts. Also equipped with high- precision satellite GPS signal module ,Widely applicable to Asian cars, American cars, European cars.

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