iPhone Camera Lens Film

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About This Item:

  • Die / with square nano box,
  • Material: tempered glass
  • Film type: back film
  • Film Features: Mirror, HD, scratch resistant
  • Moderate viscosity stability, high cleanliness, tailor-made, can be cut according to the specified size, no residual glue, degumming phenomenon.
  • Using standard clean room precision and 100% raw material production to ensure that the product meets the high purification requirements of the protective film.


  • Apple 11/6.5 inch [straight edge]
  • Apple 11/6.5 inch [2.5D]
  • , Apple 11/6.1 inch [straight edge]
  • Apple 11/6.1 inch [2.5D]
  • Apple 11/5.8 inch [straight edge]
  • Apple 11/5.8 inch [2.5D]

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