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About This Item :

  • Advanced 12-sided fidget toy is specifically designed to reduce anxiety, stress, and also improve mood. Unique 12-sides provide added tactile puzzles to improve engagement and increase variety.
  • 12 sides fidget cube is made with high-quality environmental protection ABS material; this fidget tool is designed to help relieve your everyday stress and anxiety while also being portable.

  • Each side of this fidget cube specifically focuses on engaging neural pathways through tactile and auditory methods to improve cognitive abilities and memory retention.
  • Portable and convenient to take it with you anywhere; fits in the palm of your hand. Ideal for people trying to quite nail biting, smoking, leg shaking and all type of attention disorder issues.


Specifications :

  • Material: PC+ environmental ABS material
  • Net Weight: 65g (with packaging 96g) 
  • Size: 70*62*75mm 
  • Color box size: 73*65*80mm


  • Joystick- 360 degree joystick allows flexibility and provides a free-flowing sense of control.
  • Switch - Simple flip switch helps maintain control and body rhythm.


  • Rotating Disk - Whirl the disc in a circular motion to control breathing and produce a sense of calm.
  • Stress Ball - Squishy silicon ball helps reduce more intense levels of stress and redirects negative emotions.
  • Sliding Interface - Three Sliding pieces move up and down to calm the nerves and bring composure.

  • Worry Groove - Like traditional worry-stones, this side helps provide and open space to rub and reduce tension.
  • Rope Loop - Tug, pull, and twist the stretchable rope loop to reduce tension.
  • Gears- Three rotating gears for smooth rolling stress relief.

  • Finger Massage - Soft silicon ripples allow fingers to be calmly massaged when rubbed.
  • Soft Button - Soft button clicks to reduce stress and slow heart rate.
  • Buttons- Multi-button interface is great for repetitive actions that reduce anxiety and stress. 





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