Anti-Collision Honeycomb Knee Pads

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    • High Quality Soft & Elastic Polyester Fabric,Nice workmanship.
    • Made from high-density lycra fabric, high elastic material and comfortable to wear.
    • Each filler is a single particle that is ergonomically arranged to prevent impact.


    • Anti-Slip Fabrics-- wave prevent slippery , can effectively prevent knee down in the movement , relieve stress in motion and it is useful to coordinate muscle capacity and to protect the skin.
    • This support design is highly flexible, helping to protect your knees from injury and friction while not limiting your freedom of movement and your overall fluidity.



    Long size:
    • Children's No. S -- (80 kg or less, 6-12 years old).
    • M-- thigh circumference 30cm calf circumference 25cm knee protection length 48cm (90-115 kg).
    • L-- thigh circumference 35cm calf circumference 28cm knee protection length 49cm (115-140 kg).
    • XL--thigh circumference 39cm calf circumference 30cm knee protection length 50cm (140-170 kg).
    • XXL--Thigh circumference 45cm Leg circumference 33cm Knee length 51cm (170-210 kg)

    Short size:
    • Children's No. S -- (80 kg or less, 6-12 years old).
    • M-- thigh circumference 16cm calf circumference 14cm knee protection length 27.5cm (90-115 kg).
    • L-- thigh circumference 18cm calf circumference 16cm knee protection length 29.5cm (115-140 kg).
    • XL--Thigh circumference 20cm calf circumference 18cm knee protection length 30.5cm (140-170 kg).
    • XXL--Thigh circumference 22cm calf circumference 20cm knee protection length 31.5cm (170-210 kg).


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