6 Pieces Of Inverted Vertical Bottle Cap

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  • Environmental protection, safety, no odor, sturdiness and long service life.
  • Inverted design, with three tripod supports at the bottom, can support the milk bottle more stably.
  • Open the nozzle, and then you can pour the liquid directly, making it smooth and easy to use.

  • It can effectively prevent leakage without waste, and is suitable for kitchen seasoning bottles or bathroom bath products.
  • The unique bottle cap design is used for shower gel bottles, shampoo bottles, beverage bottles, etc., which is convenient for liquid discharge and greatly reduces waste.
  • Commonly used in most household bottles, including shower gel bottles, shampoo bottles, beverage bottles, etc.,
  • Washable and reusable



  • Material: PP, ABS
  • Size: 4*3.7cm

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