4 Gear Shower Head

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  • This enhanced shower has 4 levels and is easy to switch to meet your different needs.
  • The bathroom pressure washer can provide a powerful water flow, through which the dirt can be easily cleaned.
  • The high-pressure shower is easy to use, and the water flow can be stopped immediately by pressing the button.
  • The shower head feels comfortable, and the surface is electroplated to make it smooth and delicate.
  • The shower is easy to install, and the interface is not easy to leak.
  • One-key switch 4 kinds of water modes, 4 levels of pressurized water outlet mode, convenient and fast, no longer afraid of low water pressure causing trouble to life. Enjoy a comfortable shower.
  • Innovative spray gun gear, powerful washing, fast decontamination, no need to bend down to participate, bid farewell to cleaning housework.
  • The key to the water, one-key switch is simple and quick, no need to close the water valve. Intelligent water-saving technology can save more than 50% of water at the same time


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 28x10cm.
  • Color: Black, Silver, Rose Gold

Due to different computer resolutions, there may be some color distortions.
Due to different hand measurements, there may be slight errors.

Packing list:
1x shower head.

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