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  • Top Levitating Moon Lamp - Reach and touch the “Moon”. Use magnetic levitation technique, suspended and spinning automatically in mid-air freely without any support or contact, able to attract people's eyes. Get the “Moon” for you.
  • "REAL" MOON - Using the most advanced 3D printing technology to reproduce moon surface precisely by high-resolution astronomical data, to create a texture that is very similar to the real moon. The moon is a divine and enchanting symbol; It brings you hope, succeed, lucky and happiness. Everything is possible!
  • Wireless Power Transmission - The moon lamp is powered through electromagnetic induction and wireless transmission, no need cables or built-in battery. Soft white LED lighting is no harm to eyes, with long service life. Extremely low power consumption compared with traditional lamp lights controlled by the touch button: on/off.
  • Phone wireless charger on the base. 10W power fast charging and 70-75% charge efficiency can help to charge your phone at anytime you need such as working, having dinner, meeting, sleeping, etc. It is very convenient for you.
  • Attractive and Decorative Lamp & Perfect Gift - A cool concept. Very fancy and unique decoration for your home, office, bedrooms, party, conference room, auditorium, canteen, and guesthouse, has unique visual effects. It is a great unique gift for lovers, friends, parents, and kids at Christmas, birthday, holidays, wedding, anniversary, business partners, boss, spiritual gifts for women and men, etc. Add to cart - Image when they receive and open the box,it will bring them much surprise!


  • product information of magnetic levitation moon light
  • Wooden base size: 160x110x22mm
  • Bracket material: Electroplated iron rod + solid wood base
  • Total height: 367mm
  • Sphere size: 14cm
  • Sphere material: 3d printing + led
  • Sphere color: Cool white light (support warm yellow gradient)
  • Gift box size: 20x15x40cm

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