33pcs Plastic Flower Fondant Cake Decorating Tools

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  • Made of durable plastic, safe in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.
  • Set contains 33pcs shaped cutters and plungers.
  • Cutters include 3 sunflowers/gerberas, 3 veined leaf, 3 butterfly, 4 blossoms, 4 daisy/marguerite, 3 stars, 3 hearts and 3 sets of various other flower/calyx cutters.
  • The cutters are ideal for sugar paste cake decorations as they have such fine detail.
  • These plunger cutters will give an instant, professional looking cake decoration.


  • Suits for making cake, biscuits, cookies, etc. 
  • Varies patterns to meet your need 
  • Material: Food-grade Plastic 
  • Weight: 230g 

Total set includes:

  • 3 x Herons bill Plunger 
  • 3 x Butterfly Plunger 
  • 3 x Rose Leaf Plunger 
  • 4 x Plum-flower Plunger 
  • 4 x Chrysanthemum Plunger 
  • 3 x Star Plunger 
  • 4 x Rose Cutter 
  • 3 x Heart Shape Plunger 
  • 3 x Carnation Cutter 
  • 3 x Calyx Cutter  

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