2 in 1 Portable Desktop Mini Humidifier Fan

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About This Item:

  • Multi-function desktop humidifying fan, one for both, it is both a humidifier and a fan, retro electroplating process, exquisite and beautiful.

  • 3 gear wind speed, regular spray, wind size can be adjusted arbitrarily, can be replaced at any time suitable for wind speed, light tone operation, noise reduction, and energy saving.
  • High-quality brushless motor, effectively reduces air loss, wheel noise reduction wind drum, shock absorption, and noise reduction system.

  • Trinity, 60 air guide blades, super wide-angle, soft air supply.
  • The base has a 220ml large-capacity water tank, which can cool down for a long time.
  • The humidification spray can be automatically timed, the long spray mode will automatically turn off in 3 hours, and the intermittent spray mode will automatically turn off in 6 hours.

  • USB interface, 5W low power, can be connected to mobile power, energy-saving and mute, sleep with you at ease, work comfortably


  • Material: ABS+GF+PC
  • Color: white/green/pink
  • Size :109*109* 293mm
  • Package size :111*111*300mm
  • Power in use:5W
  • Timed long spray :3/ hour
  • Fixed time spray:6 hours
  • Tank capacity :220ml

Package Content
1 * Humidification fan
1 * USB charging cable
2 * Cotton swab

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