100Pcs Iodine Cotton Swabs

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About This Item:

  • This product cotton head soft, each cotton are equipped with povidone iodine solution. Easy to carry, quantitative fast, safe and effective.

High quality material

  • Made of high quality cotton and iodine material, the disposable iodine cotton stick is nontoxic, safe and eco-friendly, convenient and hygienic.

High-efficient sterilization:

  • Poly-dimensional copper iodine 5%, equivalent to effective iodine content of 45%-55%. Quickly clean wounds, sterilize, prevent wound infections, and reduce pain and itching in wounds.

Each individual packaging

  • Each cotton swab is packaged independently, medical grade sterile cotton head, suitable for the navel, skin and mucous membranes and other places.

Easy to use

  • The disposable iodine cotton stick is built-in iodine in the cotton bar, simply remove the colored ring and the liquid will flow to the other end of cotton.

Cotton swab

  • Instructions: Move the colored end of the cotton swab up and break it along the color position. The liquid inside will flow to the other end of the cotton ball, and then wipe the injured part.  


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