Lavender Olive Foot Mask

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About This Item:

  • Gentle Foot Care: Our exfoliating foot peeling mask can effectively remove rough, dead and callused skin to make your foot soft and tender like baby’s. It can also moisturize and nourish your foot, especially during the dry season.
  • Safe and Pain-Free: Crafted from natural lavender and other botanical extracts, this foot peel mask can safely and gently penetrate into dead skin cells and decompose to remove the outer layer. No scrubbing, no pain, just sit back, relax, and get flawless feet.
  • Easy to Use: Using our foot mask is as easy as wearing socks. Just wash and dry your feet, put on the exfoliating foot mask, wait 60-90 minutes and then wash away. Dead skin will begin to peel in 1-2 weeks after application.
  • Convenient In-home Foot Spa: No need to waste your valuable time or money for expensive care programs. Simply put the foot mask on and have a relaxing foot bath at home to rejuvenate and moisturize your feet after a hard day’s work.
  • Widely applicable: The universal size of the booties is suitable for both men& women. You can share it with your friends and family. The pure natural ingredients makes it suitable for most skin types. For people with allergies, it is recommended to apply a small amount of liquid from the mask to your ankle and wait for 10 minutes to see how it works.


  • Efficacy: Remove cellulite
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Skin Type: General

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