Solar Camping Light

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About this Item:

  • One-Key Switch: One-key switch for multiple modes at will: Strong-medium-weak-flash-SOS.
  • Easy to charge: Solar garage lamp supports solar charge. There is No need to worry about inadequate power, because high efficiency solar panels have a strong battery life.
  • Folding Design: the light plate can be folded and extended, and the light emission surface can be adjusted to meet different needs. Small size when folded to facilitate transport.
  • USB Charging Interface Design: The solar lamp can be quickly charged by USB, and it has a USB output port, which can be used as an external battery to charge mobile phones, computers, etc. in case of emergency.
  • Moisture and Dust Proof: high quality PBT lamp body and PC lamp screen are firmly connected, dust-proof and moisture-proof (be careful not to be exposed to outdoor rainwater for a long time).


  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Power Supply: charging
  • Power: 30w
  • Switch Type: push button
  • Size: 75*188cm

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