Square Hole Woodworking Drilling Bit

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  • This Mortising Chisel is great for drilling square holes in wood with a mortising machine or a mortising attachment.
  • Square hole drill can not be used on an electric drill, drill square holes need to fit a square hole drill drilling (mortise and tenon machine) to use.

  • Mortise and tenon square hole drilled by the terrible + outer sleeve in the middle of the combination.
  • Reduce labor intensity of construction workers, speed up the construction speed, reduce construction costs for construction, installation, renovation, decoration industries.


  • Handle type: Round Handle
  • Cooling type:  external cooling
  • Cutting diameter (mm): 6-30mm
  • Shank diameter (mm): 19
  • Length of chip holding groove (mm): 45-70
  • Total length (mm): 175-230
  • Material: Bearing Steel
  • Maximum cutting depth: 230mm
  • Blade size: 6-30mm
  • Model: 1 / 4 (6.4mm), 5 / 16 (8mm), 3 / 8 (9.5mm), 10mm, 1 / 2 (12.7mm), 4pc: 6.4mm,8mm,9.5mm,12.7mm.


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