Smart Face Recognize Rotating Mobile Holder

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  • Face tracking and intelligent shooting: Face tracking holder introduce the AI technology of human image composition and scale estimation into intelligent shooting,360 degrees rotate around, and automatically recognize the person / PET. 
  • Object tracking,intelligent tracking: Cell phone selfie stick can track and shoot real-time objects, follow the displacement of objects. 
  • Simple operation,fast connecting wireless bluetooth remote: Keep holding the power on key for 5 seconds, the red light is on, turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile phone, and then connect automatically. 
  • Pay attention to details: 1. The 360 object tracking smart shooting phone holder must be used together with the smart phone. 2. It is recommended to use single scene, with the best tracking effect. 3 do not move the face / object too fast 4 the current tracking area is a cyan square area.


  • Product load: 265g
  • Net weight: 192g
  • Product size: 93*93*165.4
  • Support mobile phone: 56-100mm
  • Mechanical angle: Horizontal 360°, Up and Down 37°

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