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  • Mini electric iron is extremely portable, easily fits into carry all bags and crafters' toolboxes.
  • Single temperature only. Not a toy, intended for adult use only.
  • Protect temperature 180℃.1.5 minutes to preheat.

  • Ceramic heating material ,no leakage
  • Small size, low power consumption, easy to carry
  • Ideal for crafting DIY
  • Plug : EU-Standard, US-Standard
  • 110V-220V

1.Open the switch to warm up for 1.5 minutes
2.Put rhinestone with heat shrink paper on clothes
3.Put Mini Electric Iron on ther Rhinestone for seconds.

1.Uses to handmade lovers,not for ironing clothes
2.Children under the age of 12 cannot be used alone.
3.Please do not put it on flammable items,
4.No part of the body should be in direct contact with the bottom of the iron.

Package included :1pc Mini Iron Electric



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